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Lexicology and lexicography of domain-specific languages


In the frame of a COFIN 2004 national project on “Glossaries, dictionaries, and corpora: lexicology and lexicography of European languages”, a two-day international conference will be held in Palermo on June 21-22, 2007 on the lexicography and lexicology of domain-specific languages. Papers dealing with either diachronic or synchronic aspects of one or more languages will be welcome. Both the lexicon used in certain human activities (marine, medicine, economy, etc…) and the lexicon related to specific aspects of the language ( phraseology, false friends, synonyms, etc…) will be a pertinent subject for research.

Not only the members of the COFIN 2004 research groups are expected to attend and contribute a paper, but also all the colleagues interested in the conference topics.

Abstracts should be submitted before 30 November 2006 to Giovanni Iamartino ( for English and German, to Jacqueline Lillo ( for French, to María Carreras Catalan and to Felix San Vicente for Spanish (fé The scientific committee will make his decisions known by the end of December 2006.

Abstracts should include: the title of the paper; the author’s name, office address, e-mail address and telephone number; some key-words; a summary which clearly defines the topic (200-300 words), the methodology used together with the most significant bibliographic references.